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"To be moved by your own movement is a gift. Dare to take it. "
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Franka Dodig

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I see myself as the seeker of the ways to the human heart,  ways to the essence - to the core of human beings. In my search, I found expressive art therapy - a beautiful and playful journey into our inner world. I also found the school for body oriented psychotherapy which was the first school that actually made sense to me and kept me interested and invested until today. It helped me to understand my patterns and behaviors, to feel my emotions, and to revive my inner peace. That was the good part of the search. I also did a lot of jobs and invested energy in things that did not work for me. I was tired of wondering.... 

And then i discovered dancing. I knew it—this was it. Nothing but movement itself couldnt keep my attention that long. The search was over, I was free, and the era of movement from the inside out began.

 My passion for the dance and movement is certain, and my will to take others with me on this journey is strong. My offering will contain all the pearls that I have received and discovered in my search for what is alive and real in us humans.

Location: Sibenik, Croatia
Baila desde: 2017

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