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"Let’s Dance...The 5Rhythms opens new spaces within us. Listen. Explore. Express. Pleasure of letting go of control, of the habitual movement. I let the body be moved by the music. Jump around, shake, have fun, be curious."
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Griscia Hoch

Certificado profesor 5Ritmos

I am captivated by the wonders of being human since 20 years. Studying social work and practicing this profession by listening and supporting homeless people (before), children and families today.

I am committed to widen the consciousness of my body, my way of thinking, my emotional reactions and my belief system. Qualified in different bodywork techniques, in yoga and breathwork, I support people to find strength in their being as a professional coach.

Conscious movement and 5 Rhythms are allowing me to find more and more freedom while feeling connected to my body and soul. My aim is to transmit the value of living the most authentic as possible.

Born in 1977 in Lugano, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, I live today in Geneva with my wonderful son.

I am a 5Rhythms certified teacher since 2021 and I am teaching regularly since then

Maps: Waves
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Baila desde: 2012
Idiomas: Ingles, French, German, Italian

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