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"Healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path. The dancing path leads us from the inertia of sleepwalking to the ecstasy of living the spirit of the moment. "
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Ingrid Brudevoll

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
I have been passionately studying, practicing, creating and teaching in the field of movement, stage and pedagogy, starting with my eurythmy training 1983 - 88. I have loved teaching all kinds of different groups and populations, from kindergarten to college, children and adults with special needs or challenging life situations. What a powerful medicine movement is - and we all have it available in ourselves. When we start to access this medicine consciously, we start to change and transform the way we are here in the world, in life, in a body. Our perception grows and deepens, we start trusting our intuition, we heal and change from the inside and out. I am looking for embodiment and empowerment. I love teaching as a path. I always seem to be teaching exactly what I need the most. I hope I will see you on the dancing path!
Maps: Waves
Location: Oslo, Norway
Baila desde: 2007 Enseña desde: 2016
Idiomas: Ingles, German, Norwegian

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Oslo, Norway


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