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Jan Redsted

Certificado profesor 5Ritmos
Jan Redsted - Diploma in Psychiatry - 5Rhythms Teacher & Psychotherapy - Integrative Psychiatry Institute.
I met the 5Rhythms in 1998 and completed 5Rhythms Teacher Training 2005 and taught the 5Rhythms since.
Assisted Jonathan Horan in Mirrors and Naked Soul workshops since 2016.

Live in Denmark married to Annette Uhlemann. We have 2 children together.
I have a Diploma degree in Psychiatry and work at the moment with younger people with autism and schizophrenia. Earlier I worked with, sexual- and violence offenders convicted to treatment. In the 90s I was invited in to a small handpicked team where we were trained to work with, what the system called “The hopeless cases”. After 7 years in the team I continued, as a freelance consultant, helping social authority and educational institutions to deal with humans with severe mental disorders and sexual problematic behaviors.

In recent years, I have been involved in i.a. 2 research projects on cancer and dance and several projects with research unit and has on several occasions created initiatives, workshops and research projects for hospital staff and the last 6 years been leading part of a rehabilitation projects for men with cancer.
Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Vejle, Denmark
Baila desde: 1998 Enseña desde: 2004
Idiomas: Danish, German, Ingles

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