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Joel Stanley

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

When I found my way to 5Rhythms in 2006, having lived in London all my life, I was feeling disillusioned and burned out by the big city, its stresses, and a sense of individual isolation. And everyone, including me, seemed stuck in their head! I started looking for an “authentic movement practice,” as an antidote to the confines of the thinking mind and to connect more deeply with my heart, emotions, and body. Hearsay and serendipity led me to try my first 5Rhythms class and I discovered both the practice and the community I was looking for.

I became hooked on that feeling, somewhere around lyrical, that descends on the room, the air somehow thicker, emotions more immediate and tangible, and everything and everyone softened and more loving. Over the years, I danced with the incredible range of teachers London has to offer, until I was called to bring the dance to others.

I moved to the United States in 2014 and my immersion in the 5Rhythms traveled with me. I trained as a SpaceHolder in 2019 and was mentored by Ajay Rajani and Tammy Burstein, creating and holding 5Rhythms spaces in the Boston area. Stepping into the Teacher in Training program, I feel blessed to keep combining my love of music and DJing, spiritual practice, and traditions of enlightenment.

I am also a psychotherapist, dad, and sometime theatre director and actor.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Baila desde: 2006
Idiomas: Ingles

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20 Jun 2024
Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
29 Jun 2024
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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