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Jon Ralls

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I am endlessly captivated by the depth, subtlety and simplicity of our practice, always returning — especially when our busy old heads go off on one — to the ground of our practice… feet and breath, feet and breath…

I love being a part of Bernadette Ryder's “In-Rhythm”, at the heart of offering 5Rhythms in Bristol and its environs. Dancing since 2008, I am proud of the the care, warmth and attention to detail that I give to producing her workshops and classes. Now I am honoured to be given the opportunity, as part of my training, to bring this energy to ‘Sweats’. These are spaces to dance a 5Rhythms Wave, without verbal teaching, and expand our offering to many who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend our Friday night drop-in classes.

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Baila desde: 2008
Idiomas: Ingles

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Bristol, United Kingdom
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