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"The alchemical maps of the 5Rhythms gave me a path to reclaim and reconnect to my body, heart and mind allowing the unique expression of my soul to come through. I am honored to be passing on the power and beauty of this work."
Midwest US Teacher Community
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Karyn Tonkinson Gartner

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
My story..My gift to my beloved teacher, Gabrielle, creator of this work that touched and transformed me forever. Gabrielle..the dark raven with a smile of an angel Who honored and loved me as I am. Who showed me how to save myself from the shadows of my own wounds. Who built me up and torn me down AND showed me how to put it all back together AND to do it over and over again Who told me I was to keep changing and shifting (as such is the nature of all things) Who encouraged me to keep walking the edge and that I had the inner strength to do so. Who showed me how to live in my body, to be true to my heart and to trust my seeing Who showed me I had the courage to see the shadows and to dive into the depths Who not only honored my Rock and Roll side but begged me not to lose it Who asked me to never ever stop wearing black Who told me I was not crazy but creative Who told me I did not have to be my story but transform my story Who called me her NightBloomer as I arose from the darkness. Who called me her NightBird and asked me to trust my wings. Who had the greatest smile, eyes that saw you as you were, and the quickest cutting wit. Who SAW ME! Who told me to remember it is all a dance..that I am the dance..that we all are the dance..that the dance is God. She and this work are is a part of my breath, my bones, my heart, my thoughts, my dreams. I am blessed!
Maps: Waves
Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States
Baila desde: 1992 Enseña desde: 1994
Idiomas: Ingles

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Chicago, Illinois, United States


25 Oct 2024 - 27 Oct 2024
San Diego, California, United States
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