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"Step in the not knowing and listen to your breath, honor it all to your feet, your dance of freedom. "
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Katya Verbrugghe

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
From the first step into this dance, I knew that this was my medium. The 5 Rhythms are so much more than just a dance for me. They are a prayer expressed through movement, where we explore more and more empty space.They are a heart-opener step by step, where we learn to follow our inner power and discovered our wisdom that lies within. Here we become grounded, to live fully in our body. To discover who we really are, returning to living a creative life. Through dancing the 5 Rhythms many aspects of myself have been healed. I became passionated into life. These Rhythms - no doubt - will guide you, too. They will support you, time and time again, to go deeper and to explore yourself in love for yourself and the world, so that you may become whole and at peace with yourself. 

To become an embodied soul, an embodied heart, one with the spirit. 
With love and grace.
Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Baila desde: 2007 Enseña desde: 2014
Idiomas: Dutch, Ingles, French

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9 Dec 2022
Aachen, Germany
Antwerp, Belgium
16 Dec 2022
Aachen, Germany
17 Dec 2022
Antwerp, Belgium
6 Jan 2023
Melle, Belgium


17 Dec 2022
Aachen, Germany
7 Jan 2023
Antwerp, Belgium
15 Jan 2023
Aachen, Germany
*This workshop is part of a series
28 Jan 2023 - 29 Jan 2023
Antwerp, Belgium
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