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"Delivering one's self back to the artistic nature of the body, sculpting spirit into shape, soul into story, dancing mind into the wind and tracing the heart home. "
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Lorca Simons

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
Lorca Simons is dedicated to the creation of physical theatre that is both interactive and transformative. She was born and raised in Texas where she grew up in her father’s experimental theatre company Hip Pocket Theatre. She is now the producing artistic director of the company.

A graduate of The University of North Carolina School of the Arts theatre conservatory. Educated in both experimental and traditional theatre. In New York City she blazed through productions from Off Broadway to fringe, television and film.

Lorca followed her instincts to the unique directing vibration known as Gabrielle Roth and a 19 year creative collaboration bloomed. Lorca studied and trained with Gabrielle from the mid-90’s and became co-founder and co-director of 5RT, the experimental theatre wing of the 5Rhythms world collaborating on numerous original productions, workshops, and ritual theatre explorations.

Lorca staged and performed most recently in ensemble “Love Letters to a Raven” at Hip Pocket, dedicated to Gabrielle and her father Johnny Simons. She is a certified 5Rhythms facilitator. Lorca is dedicated to exploring both the performing and visual arts awakening each individual’s unique creative potential through the vast landscape of the heart. She actively creates theatre internationally through a series of LIVE WIRE Ritual Theatre Labs: Breath in Motion, Roots, On The Verge, Electric Landscapes, Wing Span, Silhouette and Soul Threading.

In the Zoom room Lorca offers intimate 1:1 On-Line sessions; soulfully stripped down poetic investigations threading story, shape & breath. This year marks the beginning of a series of On-Line Live Wire Lab investigations titled Listening Faces: Cradling Light, Resilience, Hot Box, Gather, & Whispers of Silver.

Lorca is committed to scattering the seeds of this transformative process.
Maps: Waves, Elective
Location: New York, New York, United States
Baila desde: 1992
Idiomas: Ingles

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Chalford, United Kingdom
Chalford, United Kingdom
Chalford, United Kingdom
Chalford, United Kingdom
Chalford, United Kingdom


18 Sep 2024 - 22 Sep 2024
Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
4 Oct 2024 - 6 Oct 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18 Oct 2024 - 20 Oct 2024
Zagreb, Croatia
1 Nov 2024 - 3 Nov 2024
San Francisco, California, United States
8 Nov 2024 - 10 Nov 2024
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
6 Dec 2024 - 8 Dec 2024
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21 Feb 2025 - 23 Feb 2025
Leuven, Belgium
3 Oct 2025 - 5 Oct 2025
Tbilisi, Georgia
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