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"Realigning through the artistic nature of the body. Sculpting spirit into shape, writing soul into story, dancing mind into the wind and tracing the heart home-Lorca "
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Lorca Simons

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
Notes from the theatre wing:

The beauty of our practice from a theatre prospective is having the opportunity to reflect life, absorbing every morsel of its offering and gifting it back to the dance over and over again.

In living this practice as artists we embody the rhythms through every breath we take, through every offering we make. Each gesture being an extension from our body, heart, mind, soul and spirit A poetic landscape of offering. A free fall, a footfall, a live response to what is happening in us around us and universally.

As artists we manifest change offering ourselves and our stories from that Live Wire place deep inside our creative centre; that electric landscape of unpredictable possibility that lives and breathes inside our bones.

Evoking a creative way of seeing and experiencing life from the artistic nature of the body is the place I want to live and breathe in and out of forever.
Maps: Waves, Elective
Location: Stroud, United Kingdom
Baila desde: 1992
Idiomas: Ingles

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22 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019
Warszawa, Poland
6 Dec 2019 - 8 Dec 2019
Paris, France
21 Feb 2020 - 23 Feb 2020
Karlsruhe, Germany
6 Mar 2020 - 8 Mar 2020
Murcia, Region de Murcia, Spain
23 Sep 2020 - 27 Sep 2020
Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
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