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"I believe that the 5Rhythms philosophy and practice can provide empowering possiblities to be curious and enjoy sensing, listening, seeing, moving and connecting, creating awareness growth and more possiblity in new directions."
United Kingdom Teacher Community
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Lucy Howgego

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
I hold in person and online trauma informed, 5Rhythms weekly waves classes, 1-2’s, workshops and mentoring.  My intention is to serve and support the growth of multi-ability, multi-racial and socio-economically diverse spaces for inquiry & awareness of movement patterns, how they reflect our internal landscape and beliefs and stimulate impulses for new possibilities.  I create a new theme each week to invite a different perspective on the 5Rhythms and curate the music to reflect this and follow the group.  I am a practitioner in Somatic Experiencing & Compassionate Inquiry, shortly completing Neuro-Affective Touch & Body-Mind-Centering Somatic Movement Educator & Practitioner trainings.

One of the things I love about the 5Rhythms is the diversity that we bring and I look forward to sharing this illuminating, expressive journey of aliveness, connection and creativity with you.

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