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"I believe that the 5Rhythms philosophy and practice can provide empowering opportunities for individuals to heal, grow, transform and/or enjoy the movement and connection, empty, replenish and move forwards in new directions."
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Lucy Howgego

5Rhythms Teacher in Training
My personal mission is to nurture a safe, peaceful and creative world full of possibilities. I feel most alive and connected to my creative, gentle, vulnerable, spontaneous, playful, intuitive, open-hearted self when I am dancing. I am in awe of the body's ability to hold memories and how the 5Rhythms practice facilitates remembering, feeling, healing, transformation and celebration if you trust and follow the maps.

The 5Rhythms practice is an essential part of my personal growth, healing and spiritual journey. My vision as a teacher-in-training and spaceholder is to share the knowledge and gifts i have received from this practice and support its growth into new communities, diversity and disability. Teaching and spaceholding fill me with joy, satisfaction, pride, awareness, gratitude, humbleness and a love of supporting and empowering others to shine.

I introduced the 5Rhythms practice to Milton Keynes in 2018 and I hold 5Rhythms waves classes on Friday evenings and also produce workshops. My intention is to serve and support the growth of a multi-racial and socio-economically diverse 5Rhythms community in Milton Keynes. I create a new theme each week to invite a different perspective on the 5Rhythms and curate the music to reflect this and guide the group.One of the things I love about the 5Rhythms is the diversity that we bring and I look foward to sharing this illuminating, transformational journey with you. warmest Lucy
Location: Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Baila desde: 2000
Idiomas: Ingles

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Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
29 Apr 2022
Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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