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Maria Luz Pilheu

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

This practice for me has to do with giving and committing yourself to something that has the power of changing the way of seeing and feeling about life itself. When we dance, we are entering to a wifi-life zone where we channel energy and move it. Every experience everyone is having with that energy is a part of our emotional human memories and, I feel and belive, that when we dance togheter we are updating that past information that is been traveling for generations and transforming it in something more accurate to the present and aligned with life itself and whatever message it has for us. We move and everything moves, we can give it space, express it and liberate it so it can turn in something else. 

Dancing connects me with purpose and meaning. Finding a space to share a way of living that takes us to be more human, sensitive, vulnerable, and also courageous, bold, to follow my guts, to belive in the power of energy and intuition talking to me and reminding that our bodies have the strength and everything we need to align with the source and create new ways of being and doing in this world. Movement is a path, is a way of living.

Location: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Baila desde: 2018
Idiomas: Ingles, Español

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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
19 Jun 2024
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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