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Samantha Lane

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos

Samantha is a dance doula. A mistress of the senses. A love activist dedicated to the path of embodied conscious evolution. 24 years of teaching embodiment practices and promoting a sacred laboratory for movement began with the study and teaching of Nia in 1998 (Brown Belt). After 13 years of teaching, she initiated her own conscious dance offerings, focusing on the healing potential and community building power of movement.  Certified in Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms (2014) she teaches regularly in Richmond, VA.  She is delighted to be expanding her wisdom through the inaugural 360 Emergence Apprenticeship.

Samantha shares her infectious curiosity, play, permission, fascination, skill, and humility in her dance, supporting a potent container to explore the complexities and polarities of being awake and alive. With a keen awareness of injury and trauma, and training in The Polyvagal Theory and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, she empowers participants to self-regulate the nervous system and to magnify the present moment with radical loving kindness.

Maps: Waves
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Baila desde: 1973
Idiomas: Ingles

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16 Jun 2024
Richmond, Virginia, United States


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