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"Only you can dance your dance and live your life."
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Sigurborg Kr Hannesdottir

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
Most of my life have I struggled with being in a body. If I hadn´t found the dance I know I would be a mess. Balance between mind, body and emotions seems to come naturally to some, but for some of us, it requires a constant practice. For me the 5Rhythms is the most powerful practice to find this balance. A direct and deep contact with body and soul, through movement. It wasn´t until I discovered the 5Rhythms that I started feeling fully expressed. On the dance floor and in life. 

I come from Iceland, a land that is under constant creation by the forces of nature and a nation that had to strive to survive. My hometown is Grundarfjordur, in Snaefellsnes, West Iceland. I offer classes and workshops there and I also teach in Reykjavik and other parts of the country. My journey has been enriched with yoga, storytelling, and ceremony and I sometimes weave this in with the dance.

Maps: Waves
Location: Grundarfjordur, Iceland
Baila desde: 1999
Idiomas: Danish, Ingles, Icelandic, Norwegian

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