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Tineke de Wit

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
My whole life has been dance: I danced rhythmic gymnastics in my early ages, modern dance when I was older and free dance in my begin thirties. I have been a dancejournalist and I gave dancelectures at theatres before the danceperformances and taught Dancehistory at university. This was all about performing: how to dance nice, beautifull, meaningfullness to an audience. Then I discovered the 5Rhythms. This was totally different. This was real life, this was about humanity, about living. I was fascinated by the staccato, whow, what a way of expressing my power and vitality... In 2003, I "taught" the rhythms to friends of mine and from that moment on, I knew I want to be, no, it was much stronger: I had to become a 5Rhythms-teacher. It was totaly a surpise for me, this feeling. It was stronger than my thoughts, I just had to surrender to this calling. When I found out, it took me quit a long time to apply to the teacher training (buzzy job, young children), I couldn't wait so long. I just started my own free dancelessons in Haarlem and out of that, I became a dj. Now I am organising Buddha Dance / Spirit dance Party's at the railwaystation of Haarlem where I dj too under the alias dj Cem. And I teach a weekly danceclass in Haarlem.
Maps: Waves
Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
Baila desde: 1996 Enseña desde: 2014
Idiomas: Dutch, Ingles, German

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