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"Dance so deeply that you completely forget that you are dancing and begin to feel that you are the Dance ~ Osho ~ "
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Violeta Valenzuela

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I really find myself each moment I dissolve into the Dance. Each moment Creativity is moving the body. I really find myself every moment the mind is in complete Silence-Stillness.

When I was little, I loved to dance and I learnt several choreography dances. When I grew up, I worked as a sound engineer. But since I discovered free-dance-form and meditation, in 2011, a deep recognition is happening. From “labeling life” to “feel the aliveness of life”. From “Known” to “Unknown”. 

In 2016, 5Rhythms arrow conquered my heart. The first workshop I danced helped me make peace with my father. That was best gift !

How many things are evolving. How fascinating map full of inspiration. How great and simple practice to listen to ourselves. How delicious way to let creativity flow. How strong call to be at peace. How powerful invitation to recognize stillness

Do you want to dive in? 

Come & Dance 

In Love & Creativity

Location: Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Baila desde: 2016
Idiomas: Español, Ingles

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6 Jul 2024
Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
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