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"Der Körper kann nicht lügen - geben wir ihm die Erlaubnis uns nach Hause zu tanzen: In uns hinein und über uns hinaus, ungezähmt und einzigartig. "
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Wiebke Heuchert

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos

Where ever I was, where ever I came from, dancing the waves touched my innermost being and let me feel a deep appreciation for my life and my body.

Through the immediate experience of the stream of livingness inside me, and a connectedness I just needed to allow, my fears dwindled and my pain about losses and defeats was much easier to endure.

And more, within the blink of an eye I realized that everything within me already exists to master the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that life offers.

Sharing the gift of the 5 Rhythms as a teacher, together with so many wonderful souls around the world in an infinite flow of creativity, giving back and offering space for others to awaken the wisdom of their inner dancer, reconnect with their soul and connect with each other fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

Maps: Waves
Location: Berlin, Germany
Baila desde: 2002
Idiomas: German, Ingles

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