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"Get grounded, let your thoughts go and enjoy your dance! Good connections will then develop with your truest self, with other dancers and the whole community... "
Netherlands Teacher Community
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paula bakx

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I used to practice and teach so many dances. But when I experienced The 5 Rhythms it felt like coming home; no choreographies anymore! I have been able to finally go on the 5R. Teachers Path, and now becoming a 5Rhythms Teacher is an important foundation in my life. And so is being in nature. I have this special love affair with big trees and mountains: they make me feel grounded; they give me feelings of safety, solidity and unconditionality. Dancing outside in nature will play an important role in my Teachers’ career.  

I work as a Creativity Coach for elderly people who suffer from brain damage. I have danced some waves with them and I have noticed hat they’re all capable of moving! Even when the cognitive and physical functions have deteriorated. The 5Rhythms practice is so helpful to anybody who wants to move. It’s such a powerful tool for letting go of thoughts and for channeling emotions! Dancing the 5Rhythms make you feel more alive, free and well connected! 

Location: Castricum, Netherlands
Baila desde: 2005
Idiomas: Dutch, Ingles, French, Español

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