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METAMORPHOSIS Five week Immersive | ONLINE program |

2 May 2023 - 30 May 2023
Ubicación: ONLINE, ZOOM
New York, New York, United States Show map

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 Five week Immersive 

| ONLINE program |

 Breath Work + 5Rhythms® InBodyment Somatic Journey. 

May 2nd - May 30th


About the Course

  Our body is a living map of all the experiences we’ve ever had. Throughout life, it so happens that in order to survive and “fit in” we often times limit our full expression by contracting and suppressing the flow of energy. 

We all remember times when we were told to stop talking, to behave, to not cry when we were sad, to get a hold of ourselves when we were scared, and times when our words got stuck in our throats for the fear of being misunderstood, and so on. Over time these contractions become habitual and interfere with the natural flow of energy in our bodies and energetic fields, we turn into masterful suppressors, disconnect from our feelings altogether, or are so dysregulated that even a small trigger pushes us over the edge.    


In this course we will be weaving breath and movement together in order to open up the space in the body, release those contractions and restore the natural flow of energy. This in turn awakens joy, aliveness, passion for life, and resilience that is rooted in self-love and we are able to live and create with calm and ease. 

       Through the 5Rhythms® map, you will practice the art of listening through the body.  You will explore, discover and uncover hidden parts of yourself in your flesh and bones, reignite your body’s wisdom, deepen your emotional intelligence, and alchemize duality in the body, heart, and mind. Metamorphose into a new form and shape, release the old conditionings by embracing the shadow, and come back to your true essence with more clarity and curiosity.

Transforming your suffering into art, art into awareness, awareness into action.

Healing happens through the connection and alignment of the body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

Breath is a force that inspires us, enlivens us, and embodies us in this human form. Through the practice of Breath-Work, you will learn how to listen to your breath and be guided by it, how to deepen the connection with all of the layers of your being and discover the vastness of who you are, how to infuse your breath with whatever quality you desire to invite more of, how to regulate your nervous system, increase energy levels, relax deeper, sleep better, sharpen focus and much more. You will go into practices that encourage the deep release of stored-up experiences that are no longer serving you positively and go through a powerful cleansing process to bring more freedom to your breath.

       Our intention for this course is that you may experience the power and potential that the breath and movement hold. And start developing an ever-deepening connection to them.



What you get:

 Five weekly live two hour sessions with 5Rhythms movement and breathwork.


Five recordings of guided breath work practices to help you throughout the journey and onwards.

Bonus recording of 60-minute guided breathwork session.

60 min 5Rhythms soundscape journey with guidance.

Recordings of all the live sessions

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 Week 1: 

(Earth / Body- Let it in)


You will explore your natural breath and movements that are harmonious to its flow. 

And get to know your unique breathing patterns.

You will move into the somatic exploration of the first rhythm of Flowing.

Open with curiosity and trust to the wisdom of the body, and the energy that flows through it, letting it unlock the stagnation and encouraging the fluidity of your being.

Week 2:

(Fire/Heart – Let it out) 

  Through the breathwork you will be activating the three main centers of the body: The navel, the heart, and the third eye.

Through 5R somatic movement, you will explore the second rhythm of Staccato 

Where you shift from separation to connection.

From disconnection to expression.

From shutting down to opening up and expressing the heart and its feelings,

through whole body articulation. 

Week 3: 

(Water/Mind- letting go)


This week the practice of the movement and the breath will merge together.

Through shamanic breathing and the exploration of the third rhythm of chaos. 

You will connect to your primal nature, and use your breath, voice, and body to get wild and release unapologetically. 

Week 4: 

(Air/Soul - Letting go of letting go)


This week as you fully metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly you will take a flight into your essence and enjoy the playfulness of existence. 

Week 5: 

(Ether/Spirit- let it be)


Here we arrive into the eternal present moment. 

Stillness, where opposites merge and we become whole.

Where you integrate the whole journey of healing.

Arrival of the natural ending to everything we begin.

Breathing in humility and breathing out gratitude. 



Five Tuesdays



May 2nd, 

May 9th

May 16h,

May 23rd.

May 30th.

Integration circle on May 31st.


Early Bird $400 USD 

until April 10th.

Full Price $450 USD

Email: for the registration 


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Registration Policy

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A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PRERREQUISITOS: No prerequisites required.

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