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One Tribe

Led by: Peter Fejer
19 Jul 2023 - 23 Jul 2023
Ubicación: Veroce, Verőce, Garam u. 8, 2621
Verőce, Hungary Show map
Organizer: Peter Fejer

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 By following the 5Rhythms map, we are getting closer to our primal vitality. We awaken our elemental intuition, our free and instinctive being. It often happens that our experience of freedom and instinct separates us from others. For there is always something in relation to which we become free, there is always some bond in relation to which we become more instinctual. In this workshop we also practice to experience all this as part of a group, in a human context, in a community. Supporting each other, we become more and more liberated. In each other we also feel the primal vitality, our common vitality, our tribal force.

The practice of 5Rhythms develops our ability to find, awaken and interact with our elemental powers. We don’t just offer a one-time experience in these workshops, we offer tools for your development. Through the rhythm of Flowing, we practice experiencing our own unique, unrepeatable bodily presence and learn to give way to our gut instincts. The rhythm of Flowing is the gateway to our body, to the ever more fulfilling experience of the body. The rhythm of Staccato points the way to unfolding, to the meeting of our body with our environment. It may sound strange, but it is essentially a physical, kinetic way of discovering how big we are. As we feel and experience our size and scope, we are less tempted to artificially make ourselves smaller or bigger. Instead, we accept and begin to make good use of exactly who we are.

It is the rhythm of Chaos that teaches us most about community. Each of us is present in our own colourful, unpredictable uniqueness, and yet it can all blend into one big picture, sometimes harmonious, sometimes more like a turbulance, but always vibrant and supportive. The rhythm of Chaos is a continuous dance towards finding oneself and dissolving into the community. A constant loss and recovery of self.

Each year this workshop is a significant defining experience for those who attend. But it is not only an experience, it is also an asset. It carries development, it enriches permanently. Perhaps nowadays, in the allure of acquiring newer and newer shiny objects, it can be truly and deeply gratifying to gift ourselves with the latest version of ourselves instead of the latest version of mobile phone or flat screen. I wonder what new capabilities the 2.0 version of me has?



19-23 July 2023

Wednesday 18-21

Thursday 10-13, 18-21

Friday 10-13, 18-21

Saturday 10-13, 18-21

Sunday 10-13


Sports hall in Verőce, Hungary

Verőce, Garam u. 8.

Travel from Budapest: there’s regular train service from Nyugati Railway Station (takes half an hour)

If you come by air: 1,5 hours by public transport form Budapest Airport

Train: 2,5 hours from Bratislava to the village or 2,5 hours from Vienna to Budapest


Full price: €210

Early booking until 30 April with €20 non-refundable deposit: €170

Special price for participants from North-Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia: €150, (early: €120)

If you come together with your life partner then your partner receives a 50% discount.


Nearby there is a food store, and there is a nice place at the Danube where you can have breakfast. We’ll order meals for lunch and dinner. Signing up is optional.


It’s possible to sleep in the hall on the floor for 4000 HUF / €10 (price for the 4 nights together). There are showers available.


Teaching will be in English, with Hungarian translation.


Katalin Goldgruber goldgruber.katalin@gmail.com

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A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PRERREQUISITOS: No prerequisites required.

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