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Punto Cero: Doorway to Infinity, PUNTO CERO: UNA PUERTA AL IN FINITO

16 Feb 2018 - 18 Feb 2018
Ubicación: Ensenada , México, Alvarado # 143 , Ensenada , México
Ensenada, Mexico Show map
Organizer: Marcela Garza

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A 5Rhythms® Heartbeat Workshop with Kelly Satz & Christina

We can find infinite ways to fill the void inside, looking toward the outside as a way to resource. In Point Zero, we seek to open the space within, moving toward the void rather than away. Creating more spaciousness by emptying ourselves and letting go…..From the place of Point Zero, a new reality opens. From here I give myself permission to accept myself just as I am, connecting with the purpose of my soul where everything pulsates and vibrates at a higher frequency. It offers us endless opportunities, options, and alternatives for nesting in love and transforming our lives. Let us all dance from Point Zero and open the doorway to the infinite waitin

This workshop is a combination of Heartbeat/Waves work with Heartbeat led by Kelly and Waves work led by Christina 
Estamos acostumbrados a poblar espacios dentro de nosotros para no tener que hacer frente al vacío, llenándonos de actividades, lugares, cosas. Para asomarnos a UNA PUERTA AL INFINITO necesitamos soltar todo aquello que no nos inmoviliza y obstaculiza. En el PUNTO CERO se crea una nueva realidad y una nuevo vínculo con el alma. Todo pulsa, todo vibra y el infinito se asoma ofreciéndonos un sinfín de caminos y opciones, todas albergadas en el amor, para transformar nuestras vidas. Dancemos todos juntos y dejémonos llevar por esa energía hacia el PUNTO CERO a UNA PUERTA AL INFINITO.

En Heartbeat exploramos nuestras emociones en forma de energía y poder, y como parte de nuestra humanidad. Aquí empezamos a soltar los viejos sentimientos que traemos encerrados en las extremidades o atorados en la jaula de las costillas, y comenzamos a sentirnos cómodos con las emociones, sin hacerlas a un lado ni aferrarnos a ellas.


El enfoque: un corazón espontáneo. 
El resultado: poder sentir si traemos el corazón abierto o cerrado, lo que eso tiene que ver con el amor, y lo tanto que todos lo necesitamos y deseamos.


Kelly Satz is from Argentina and a leading 5Rhythms® teacher in Latin America. She devotes much of her time venturing to unchartered areas and her passion has been the launching pad of movement meditation throughout Latin America. She has a gift of masterfully bringing each of us into our body, one body part at a time. 

Christina (Assisting in Workshop) is a Certified 5Rhythms® teacher, psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. She began her study of the 5Rhythms® in Europe and brings this flavor to her classes and workshops focusing on embodied awareness and levels of relationship.

Christina5Rhythms.com to register 

Exchange: $150 (before 1/16/17) $190 after
Contact: Christina5Rhythms@gmail.com (English) 
Marcela5Ritmos@gmail.com para español

Location: Cuarto Crecienta Studio: 
Alvarado #143, Ensenada Mexico

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Sat. 10-6pm, Sun 10-2pm

Limited Spaces for this workshop. Reserve yours with $75 non-refundable deposit (full amount due 2 weeks prior to workshop) or full payment (refundable 2 weeks prior to workshop start date minus $75 administration fee). 

Travel to Ensenada: 

Option to travel as a group for a retreat style workshop with bus to Ensenada from border or T.J. Airport (1.5 hrs, $10). Hotels are 2 blocks from the venue: Hotel Cortez, Best Western El Cid and Hotel Casa Del Sol-early booking recommended due to limited space and rooms book out fast.


 There are limited spaces for this workshop register at Christina5Rhythms.com to confirm your booking and reach out for assistance in hotel. We will be staying at Hotel Casa Del Sol you can book on booking.com  If full reach out to Christina5Rhythms@gmail.com I have a few extra rooms booked. 

Refund Policy

Limited Spaces for this workshop. Reserve yours with $75 non-refundable deposit (full amount due 2 weeks prior to workshop) or full payment (refundable 2 weeks prior to workshop start date minus $75 administration fee). 

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In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.

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