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"Movement acts just like a medicine on the body. Sometimes through minute movements, sometimes big and outrageous ones. Right across this spectrum of movements healing can take place. "
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Ron Hagendoorn

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova
Ron Hagendoorn has been dancing for over 26 years, including 19 years of 5Rhythms® practice. His commitment to the 5Rhythms grows as he discovers the full scope of this movement meditation. 5Rhythms has space for comfort and discomfort, which makes it the most comprehensive dance form he came across. Ron was trained by Gabrielle Roth (Waves® in 2007) and Jonathan Horan (Heartbeat® in 2018). His teaching style is clear and balanced, with an appreciation of the mystery of human life.

Apart from being an accredited 5Rhythms teacher Ron is also a therapist (Somatic Experiencing®). He is a member of the 5Rhythms Teachers Association, lives in the Netherlands and teaches internationally in the Waves and Heartbeat level of this practice.

His smile and enthousiasm are contagious!
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Pleše od: 2000 Podučava Od: 2007
Jezici: Dutch, English, French

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Rotterdam, Netherlands


25 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024
Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
29 Aug 2024 - 1 Sep 2024
Constanta, Romania
28 Sep 2024 - 29 Sep 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria
6 Nov 2024 - 10 Nov 2024
Bucharest, Romania
19 Apr 2025 - 20 Apr 2025
Antwerp, Belgium
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