Raven Recording

Ours is world beat music without a world, made for a dance without steps, for a tribe without boundaries.

The raven is one of two main spirit animals that guided Gabrielle Roth’s existence, so it was fitting to call our recording company Raven, as the other magical force that drives our existence is the beat.

“We started recording percussion driven music in the early eighties to support the 5Rhythms as a dance practice.  Since that time we have created twenty albums, each rooted in one or all of the 5Rhythms.  We wanted to capture the spirit of the drumming that drives and inspires 5Rhythms workshops so that people could dance with us at home or tune into their dance while driving the freeways of necessity.  We made different albums for different spaces.  Many a kid has been born, not to mention conceived, while the album, Bones played in the background.  And god knows how many downward-dogs have been chased by Sundari or our YogaFit Series.

On the way we’ve been blessed to collaborate with some of the world’s greatest percussionists.  Somehow Gabrielle even managed to turn her defense lawyer husband, Robert Ansell into a drummer, as well as the inspired head of Raven.  His root drumming informs all our music.  He and Sanga of the Valley, percussionist extraordinaire, are my band, my back up in this big bad world of timeless, trancey beats.

It’s really exciting when other artists use our music.  It’s exhilarating to watch dance companies like Alvin Ailey and Momix perform to our music or to see lions rushing across the tundra to the downbeat of Totem on the Peter Beard TV special….Or to see models grooving down the runway to our beats in a Donna Karan show, or Laird Hamilton, one of the greatest surfers in the world, riding one of the biggest waves of the century on Jack McCoy’s film T’O to the song Stillness from Tribe.”  ~Gabrielle Roth

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