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"You are made to dance. You are made for love. Love is your centre. Dance is a celebration of it. Your body knows how to. Trust it. "
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Felicitas Franz

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

Namaste lovely souls. My reason to teach 5Rhythms is to hold a safe space for joy, playful transformation and aliveness for my community.
Through dance our selflove has yet another profound practice to manifest as love in action. What an exciting adventure for our bodies and it´s stored emotions to come into deeper awareness.A practise that challenges and encourages to investigate how we interact with various rhythms within life’s journey. Cultivating a room of curiosity and compassion where your unique dance is welcome whether you dance with others or you partner with yourself.
Both is celebrated and respected.
In an everchanging environment, dance seems to be a meaningful constant in my life that persists through time and space.
No matter which county I moved to, where I studied and where I worked, no matter whom I loved, dance was always there.
Funny paradox to recognize dance as a stable constant, as it is a form of art that later can´t be touched as a tangible object after it´s done.
Dance teaches to fully be present in the current moment as it happens. We often don´t dance for the end result of a final pose, yet for the sake of the experience by itself. Yet one ecstatic moment of dance can resound for a long time.
Personally, my passion for dance comes a fullhearted way: 2000-2006 Musical & Stage School Ffm - Tap, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Ballett. 2006-2007 Alanus Hochschule für Kunst u. Gesellschaft, Bonn - Eurythmie. 2007 - 2011 Anton Bruckner Universität Linz - Acting, BA of arts. 2009-2023 work as fulltime actress - Burgtheater, Tdj Wien, Schauspielhaus Salzburg, Landestheater Linz. Since 2017 certiefied Yoga Teacher; Pilates Trainer- Alkemy Studio, Atelier Sol Wien.<

Location: Vienna, Austria
Baila desde: 1986
Idiomas: Ingles, German, French

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