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"“The body holds stories and old wounds, and medicine as well. It has the antidote to heal itself. Through moving, we release our stories and allow healing to come through.” - Sylvie Minot"
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Sylvie Minot

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
Sylvie Minot is the executive director and founder of the Syzygy Dance Project non-profit. As a teacher and choreographer, she embodied the transformative power of dance and created Medicine Circle, Shamanic Journey, Ancestors, and Shapeshifter.

Sylvie is certified to teach Heartbeat and was trained by Gabrielle Roth. She co-founded 5Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers in Marin in 2002 and is on the teaching staff of Open Floor in Marin County. Her 5Rhythms Waves Journey class began in 2004, and she teaches Sweat Your Prayers in Point Richmond, California. Sylvie has taught movement classes and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, Australia, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, New York, and throughout the U.S. Through her outreach work, Sylvie also brings dance to veterans with PTSD, inmates, recovering addicts, people with chronic illness, the elderly, and at-risk youth.

The elements, natural world, energy, spirit, and sound healing are some of her influences, especially in her Medicine Circle, Shamanic Journey, Ancesto
Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Sausalito, California, United States
Baila desde: 1994 Enseña desde: 2001
Idiomas: Vietnamese, Ingles, French

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11 May 2024
Oakland, California, United States
8 Jun 2024
Oakland, California, United States
13 Jul 2024
Oakland, California, United States


12 Jul 2024 - 14 Jul 2024
Mexico City, Mexico
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