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Moving With Change - Self study series

Led by: Alex Mackay
Location: Online
Cardigan, United Kingdom Show map
Organizer: Julia Mercurio

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5Rhythms live music series with Alex Mackay (UK)
Online self study comprised of 4 on-demand sessions
We are all moving with change ~ through phases of life, through personal challenges and blessings, from one chapter to another.
In this 4 part series you’ll explore how change moves your dance and how you can befriend transitions rather than work against them. The sessions are an invitation for beginners and seasoned dancers alike to explore the creative potential that moving with change bears and a special opportunity to dance to percussive live music online.
The self study course is designed for you to dance at home with Alex guiding you through the wave - while enjoying the lush atmosphere of the spring forest and live percussion performed by musician Joe Caswell.
⚫️ The Self-Study Series
4 session (50-60’ each) + welcome & intro
Available March 21 - June 30, 2022
Session 1 - Identifying changes in the dance
The first session is dedicating special attention to the bodyparts. You'll practice switching between them, while moving to the special melody and rhythm of live music.
Session 2 - Within and Without
In this session you'll be offered to dance a wave through the maps of inside and outside. You'll learn to shift your attention and your movement inwards and outwards, while including your bones, skin and breath into your dance.
Session 3 - Befriending moments of change
in this session the focus is on the transitions between the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. It's a moving invitation to befriend transitions and moments of change.
Session 4 - Creative practice & the spontaneity of improvisation
This session offers the opportunity to discover the creative potential and spontaneity of the dance, while moving to improvised live music. You’ll explore the possibility to expand beyond yourself and include the unknown, nature and mystery into your dance.
⚫️ Additional Resources
Each session comes with two optional 'homework tasks' for your creative process and for your own further exploration: journaling, awareness, dance. You’ll also get access to our private facebook group specifically created for participants of this course.
The series was filmed in the woods of West Wales. After being initially created for the 5Rhythms livestream, we’re happy to make it available to you now on a different platform.
⚫️ Price
Regular - 50£ / 50€
Supporter - 80£ / 80€
5Rhythms teacher / spaceholder - 50% discount
Concession request - please email us your request
⚫️ Booking
Book the series here: shorturl.at/jDP67
⚫️ Questions?
Email the organizer at dancing5ronline@gmail.com



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