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ONLINE, 5Rhythms for Families in Milton Keynes, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

Sundays 11:30 - 12:30 Next Class: 31 Jan 2021
Location: Online
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Show map
Organizer: Lucy Howgego

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ONLINE, 5Rhythms Dance, Play & Creativity for Families, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE - the first Sunday of each month 11.30-12.30am

A fun & nourishing time for families to explore movement, play, art, music and storytelling together from the comfort of their homes.  An inclusive, safe, facilitated class for the whole family to participate ; grandparents, parents, and children of all ages and abilities - under 16’s must be supervised by an adult in the home space.  

During this new 'PAUSE’ where being together and socialising between relatives is restricted by ‘physical distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ this is an opportunity for families to explore new ways of connecting, communicating and being with each other, their relatives and other families so they do not get stuck in overwhelm, boredom, withdrawal, isolation and feel disconnected from each other.   

Every child is amazing in their own unique way and actively involving the family in supporting and developing their creativity and imagination is inclusive and empowering for everyone.  The emphasis is on discovery, learning, empowerment and enjoyment.  Parents play a vital role in their children’s development and through movement, play, art, music and storytelling we will be creative together in a mutually respectful and supportive way to support the development of enquiry, imagination, language and new skills.  

•    5Rhythms is a simple and flexible movement practice which can be experienced by anyone regardless of culture, gender, age, shape, experience, fitness and physical limitations.
•    There are no steps to follow and everyone is welcome as they are, YOU ARE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. 
•    You will be guided by the music which follows a structure of changing rhythm and supported by my teaching.
•    All you need is a willingness to bring your presence and dance as everyone contributes their unique energy and expression to the group.
•    It takes courage to try something new and we all began once.

•    I have no restrictions on the music I play as I hold a valid PRS Online Music Licence.
•    My sound output is studio quality as I DJ live through Traktor.  You will hear the music and my teaching through your audio or sound system. The quality of your sound will depend on what system you are using. Speakers are best, but you can use headphones or earpods which will give you a better audio than a laptop, ipad or phone.

•    The zoom platform transmits from my home to yours. You can create a comfortable, safe space inside or in the garden to dance as a family together with the rest of the group so, if you have been considering dancing the 5R’s and felt too shy or self-conscious, this might be a safe place to start. For most of us, online offers a new ways of connecting and socialising within the constraints of ‘physical distancing’ as we move, explore our edges, release, heal, have fun and play together.

Lucy Howgego has facilitated award winning, collaborative projects with primary school children recognised for the significant impact on the pupils’ learning, developing their public speaking, literacy, listening, reading, creative, teamwork and confidence building skills.  When the children were asked what they have learned from these projects, the overwhelming response has been self- awareness, confidence, learning new skills and developing an enjoyment of public speaking and leadership. Lucy Howgego holds an enhanced DBS certificate for child workforce, child entertainer, child SRVCS.  

•    If you are INTERESTED or have any QUESTIONS, email me at lucy@embodyyourbeat.com and I can send you more information.
•    Register in advance for this meeting in YOUR NAME on ZOOM https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAlcO2grjkiG9T6wAGbQhK0AteoWinmqi0D
•    Pay in advance via paypal https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/5RhythmsLucyHowgego or FTP (email me for details) - £5 per family per class or £20 for 6 classes. Free for families of NHS, hospice and emergency services employees and anyone on benefits. I appreciate it is a very difficult time and I won’t turn anyone away so if you are unable to pay, contact me by email before the class.
•    Once you have registered & paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link & password for the class as well as all the technical and practical information you will need.
•    You will need access to the internet by pc, laptop, ipad or phone

•    Please make sure that your floor is clear with no trip hazards.  I cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained as a result of participating in this class.
•    Everyone commits to confidentiality so that what is shared in the group stays within the group
•    Everyone commits not to record the session or post any footage on social media
•    I will ask the group to commit to this before we start

•    You need to set-up a free, Zoom account here - https://zoom.us/download. I will not be able to offer technical support during the class so it is really important that before you arrive you have downloaded zoom and taken some time to familiarize yourselves with it as everyone’s set-up will be different.
•    It isn’t complicated, here is a link to an introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vFhAEoCF7jg. You need to know how to turn your audio and video on and off, put your device on gallery view, make sure your name is showing correctly and open the chat box. I will run through these briefly before we start but there will not be time to troubleshoot.
•    Chose a comfortable, safe space inside or in the garden to dance by yourself or as a family together with the rest of the group.  Make sure there are no trip hazards.  You may want to light a candle or create a small installation of objects that have meaning for you to acknowledge this time that you are taking for yourself.  I create an installation for each class to hold my intention and service to the group.

•    You log into the class using the link you will be sent and arrive in a waiting room and I will open the door letting you into the virtual space. 
•    When you arrive make sure you are using GALLERY VIEW (does not work on phones) so you can see everyone as each participant appears in a small window.  Make sure your name is correct, you can change this by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right of your window. 
•    Please leave your video on so everyone in the group can see and dance with each other if they want to which creates connection & holds the group energy.  If you do not want to see yourself you can put a post-it pad over your picture.  If you do not want to be seen by others and this is going to prevent you from moving as you are in the moment you can turn your video off and I would like to invite you to use this time as an opportunity to dance with the part of you that does not want to be seen if you are able to.  If you need any support around this get in touch with me before the class.
•    Your audio will be muted when you arrive and during the class to avoid noise distortion.  There will be opportunities to speak at the beginning and the end of the class if you want and I will turn the audios on for this.  At any other time you can use the CHAT feature which is the bottom toolbar and if you click on the 3 dots in someone’s window you can send them a private message.

•    11.15am warm-up music starts and doors open, opportunity to chat and get to know the other families
•    11.30am class starts & registration closes
•    11.40am doors close
•    12.30am we will briefly gather together to close
•    Afterwards optional sharing over a cup of tea

If you message me your email I can send you my weekly newsletter with information on my classes and workshops. I look forward to dancing with you. warmest Lucy

• Facebook : 5RhythmswithLucyHowgegoinMiltonKeynes
• Instagram : 5RthythmswithlucyhowgegoinMK

This class is offered as part of the requirements for completing the 5Rhythms Teacher training Program. Lucy is currently participating in the training path the become a certified 5Rhythms teacher. This class supports the trainee’s growth and development as a 5Rhythms teacher.

Lucy Howgego is currently participating in the training path to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher.



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I am currently participating in the training path to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher.

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