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"In movements, everything is possible. "
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Qibei Shen Steiner

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I’ve traveled a long way, from a land steeped in a five-thousand-year of tradition, where female bodies have been constrained, bound, and shamed into silent, still, and submissive forms. Dancing was never something I even imagined. Driven by a yearning for a real connection with life, I delved into the training of various healing modalities, but none of them involved the liberating act of moving my body.   


Then, one summer evening I stumbled into a 5Rhythms class. The moment the music touched my ears, a warm current surged out of my belly and I was struck by the wild, generative life force within me that I never knew was there. Moving enchanted, I felt unboundedly intimate with myself, inside and out --- it was as if I had fallen in love! Dancing freely and authentically has been one of the most profound lessons in my life. In dancing, I feel human and divine in the same breath. 


Over the past decade, alongside 5Rhythms, I immersed myself in diverse awareness practices, including Somatic Meditation, NVC, and Circling™. Through these integrated experiences, a recurring revelation emerged: beneath the layers of a fragmented, wounded self, there lives a resilient, resourceful, whole being, waiting to be discovered and embodied. I am forever grateful for how 5Rhythms has changed my life. In the depth of my being, I know the rest of my life is dedicated to sharing this transformative practice with my fellow humans. 

Location: Berkeley, California, United States
Baila desde: 2013
Idiomas: Ingles, Chinese

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Berkeley, California, United States
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