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""You belong to your body. Your body belongs to the Dance.""
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Silvija Tomcik

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
Silvija Tomcik was introduced 20 years ago to Gabrielle Roth's teachings through her book Maps to Ecstasy. It was a powerful encounter, which motivated Silvija to begin searching for teachers of the 5 Rhythms with whom she wished to dance. Since then she has been organizing 5 Rhythms workshops in Croatia and Slovenia, bringing it for the first time to this part of the world. At the time she was working in the Center for Peace Studies and leading workshops on gender issues. She has finished Waves Teacher Training with Gabrielle in 2001., and in 2010. the Heartbeat Teacher Training.Silvija is teaching both nationally and internationally. She teaches weekly classes and weekend workshops using her imagination, great variety of music, her grounded way of dancing and her love for the freedom of being in the body to prompt people to discover their personal dance and healing movement.  Living in Zagreb with her husband Thierry Francois, also a 5R Teacher and her two children. 
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Idiomas: Ingles, Croatian, French

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Zagreb, Croatia


19 Jul 2024 - 20 Jul 2024
New York, New York, United States
29 Jul 2024 - 4 Aug 2024
Sutivan, Croatia
12 Aug 2024 - 18 Aug 2024
Sutivan, Croatia
24 Aug 2024 - 30 Aug 2024
Sutivan, Croatia
11 Oct 2024 - 13 Oct 2024
Budapest, Hungary
29 Oct 2024 - 3 Nov 2024
Guipuzcoa, Pais Vasco, Spain
8 Jan 2025 - 12 Jan 2025
Zurndorf, Austria
30 May 2025 - 1 Jun 2025
Stockholm, Sweden
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