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"It's about Abandon. Until there is No more. "
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Emiliano Ena

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Emma Leech

Welcome to the Medicine of Moving the Energy in your Body. 

This practice is a simple but powerful process to embrace, explore and flow with all the energies that lie within Us. 

Beyond "this" or "that". Simply Life. Yet in motion.

Undeck my vessel is my FLOWING

Giving directions to my sail is my STACCATO

Welcoming the storms knowing that is a re-arrangement is my CHAOS

Celebrating and Jumping on the deck also for no reason is my LYRICAL

Spotting the new shore,  decking in an new unknown port setting foot on a land where is enough not to speak but just breath. I feel already Home . This is my STILLNESS

I am now dedicated to spread my love for movement and the teachings of Gabrielle Roth in the purest form i possibly can.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Dancing since: 2014
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

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