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Led by: Jonathan Horan
11 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017
Location: Amalurra (Bilbao), Bilbao
Bilbao, Spain Show map
Organizer: Leti Ruiz

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The fourth shamanic task is to awaken the soul to experience the power of Seeing. Seeing the difference between the real and unreal in ourselves and others. ~Gabrielle Roth

We come together in this 10 day deep dance to open body, heart, mind and eyes, with a shared intention to see our 'drama' more clearly. As we dive into the territory of our "Ego Characters" and habitual conditioned behavior we are given the tools to identify the relentless loops of our own favorite head-trips and the inevitable situations they create. We will use two different yet complimentary approaches, both of them rooted in our feet dancing and being supported by the 5Rhythms.

Jonathan will lead us into the aspects of the Mirrors suite where we can gently peel off masks, shed skins and rediscover ourselves. Coming to recognize the roots and rituals of the crowd of characters that dominate our stage and regularly sabotage our funky, fiery, free-spirit we gain the ability to shake them free.

Alain will facilitate the Perspectives Process, where we practice moving beyond just looking at one another to Seeing the defences that we all habitually, unconsciously present. In so doing we become more than detached spectators but actively involved in the care of each other, allowing what we mostly hide to be visible and cultivating the stillpoint, tender heart and compassion at our core.


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The Mirrors Map leads us to recognize what Gabrielle Roth referred to as “Ego Characters”, how we all have a cast of these endlessly rehashed roles, can learn to spot them, name them, embody them, exaggerate them and practice dis-identifying from them so we might, even when under pressure, move more closely to authenticity, to Soul, to each other, to life and freedom.
PREREQUISITES: Waves, Heartbeat, Cycles and countless class hours of practice.

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