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Fully booked "INTIMACY"

Led by: Silvija Tomcik
2 Dec 2022 - 4 Dec 2022
Location: Casa Nazaret, Carlos Calvo 3121
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Show map
Organizer: Brenda, Alejandra, Nadia, Kelly

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 “Intimacy is an open path, a bridge between my heart and yours. We get stuck on the bridge because we don’t want to pay these tolls: total surrender to vulnerability, spontaneity, and an open, unguarded heart.”

Gabrielle Roth


As more intimate we can be with our body and its movements, we are creating a good ground for intimacy with our heart, and its movements. 

How can we be sensitive to all the nuances of our emotions, expressive even when they can not be described, able to let them go through us and transform, bring them into the light of our own compassion and by holding our own heart by the hand reach to somebody else. 

On this workshop, the invitation is to find the intimacy with our fear of being our own true self, vulnerable and strong and exploring how is that affecting our meeting with another soul.

Sometimes we get stuck with our emotions, sometimes we just simply ignore them. Other times we push ourselves to stop feeling one thing or feel another, other times we blame others for how we feel. Sometimes we ask the head about our heart, sometimes we don’t know how we feel. Other times we fake our smiles, other times we make a show out of it. Sometimes we feel there is a whole in a place of our heart, sometimes we just can’t feel it. 

This weekend is an invitation to find the courage and compassion for all these times. This weekend is a safe place to attend to our heart’s movements and offer the medicine of 5Rhythms to our emotions. You are welcome to this intimate group of dancers.


Silvija Tomčik was introduced 22 years ago to Gabrielle Roth’s teachings through her book Maps to Ecstasy: The Healing Power of Movement. It was a powerful encounter, which motivated Silvija to begin searching for teachers of the 5Rhythms to begin her dancing path. Since then she has been organizing 5Rhythms workshops in Croatia bringing it for the first time to this part of the world. At the time she was working in the Center for Peace Studies and leading workshops on gender issues.

She has finished Waves Teacher Training with Gabrielle in 2001, and in 2010, the Heartbeat Teacher Training. Silvija has been part of the Teacher Training Staff with Jonathan Horan 2013-2020. She teaches weekly classes and weekend workshops using her imagination, great variety of music, her grounded way of dancing and her love for the freedom of being in the body to prompt people to discover their personal dance and healing movement. She is living with her husband Thierry Francois, also a 5Rhythms teacher and their son, Numa Rock and her daughter Tara in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.


 Prerequisites: 15 hours of Waves with accredited 5Rhythms® teacher.


This workshop counts as 3 days of Heartbeat level towards the Teacher Training 5Rhythms® Global. 


Time schedule:

Friday December 2nd, 11am until 6pm

Saturday December 3rd, 11am until 6pm

Sunday December 4th, 11am until 5pm


Venue: Casa Nazaret, Carlos Calvo 3121 – Buenos Aires – CABA – Argentina 

Casa Nazaret Santa Cruz offers simple accomodation at accesible prices. The food is good & abundant. A good option to relax and avoid traveling during the Workshop days. Keep in mind that Casa Nazaret is a home for retreats, its facilities are simple and it closes its doors at 10 pm.

For more info please contact: casanazaretcp@gmail.com



US$ 230 Until July 31.

US$ 260 From August 1 to October 15.

US$ 290 October 16 to the day of the workshop.


Cancellation policy: 

· 3/4 weeks before the event you will receive the total payment, minus US$ 25 for cancellation fee.

· 2 weeks before the event, you will receive the total payment minus US$ 50 for cancellation fee.

· Less than 1 week the return will be subject to the replacement of the vacancy. If the place is covered the participant will receive the total payment minus 25% cancellation fee.

· If the participant does not show up at the workshop without prior notice, their registration fee will not be refunded.


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In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.

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