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HIGH FIVE Points of Contact

16 Feb 2018 - 18 Feb 2018
Location: ZAGREB, OŠ J.J.Strossmayera, Varšavska 18
Zagreb, Croatia Show map

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Special workshop with 5 teachers teaching 5Rhythms together! 

Silvija Tomčik, Zdenka Sajko, Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora, Enesa Mahić and Thierry Francois

Body brings us back to the present moment, it can translate the needs and express the messages of our heart and soul. Moving with awareness we can explore and connect with whatever emerges from within: emotions, feelings, energy and impulses... 

The point of contact isn't only a place where you and I resonate and recognize each other as two members of the same tribe. Each spot where we meet, touch, pinch or bump against each other is a point of contact. And contact between two human beings is like a contact of two chemical substances - if there is any kind of reaction, if connection happens, both are transformed into something new.

What a fantastic opportunity to learn! 

When we meet in the dance all the worlds and ideas can drop as we focus simply and deeply on the elbows or knees and let them be our points of contact. Let them see each other, respond to each other and understand each other. And in that we can practice being present enough in that point of contact to hold our ground and be open for connection. A skill that is quite useful in the dance of life. 



Each time I stand in front of the group and look into the map of 5Rhythms, it feels like the first time. It is scary and it is exciting and I am curious. I love to know where I am going with the group and I love to be taken places by the group’s energy. I love to teach through my body as well as with sharing my life’s experiences. Let’s see what will life bring on this time!



My passion in teaching is opening the gates for others to step through, sharing my fascination in way that might light the way for them on their own journey. Two things that drive my teaching are a lifelong fascination with body and movement and a deep yearning to expand beyond physical, beyond ego into the divine source. On one hand that means I love working with the simplicity of movement, exploring the physicality of the dance, and on the other it means that each time for me the final destination is a sweaty, juicy prayer. 



While using the 5Rhythms map, as any other map, I put the emphasis as much to the curiosity and self responsibility,  as to a huge freedom, which is their fruit.   My intention is to help dancers to get to know them self , at least a bit, deeper than their history, reactions and believes.  My passion is learning about those internal territories we have never known we will step on and facing that we at least want to face.  



Somewhere deep down, we all long for the same thing, and that is to be seen in our very essence and to connect with others from it. My greatest inspiration in teaching  is just that  – empowered and enlivened by physical movement, we find a path through  the shadowlands of our psyche and come out on the other end free from the ego. That is were we truly meet.



My background is in Gestalt therapy and contact is a good field to explore. Especially, the contact with awareness; how I inquire with awareness what my moving body knows. Letting the world come to me or something go out into the world. Contact also with the sense of how I bridge the Rhythms through pace, the feeling of the moment, the energy, the longing to connect or not, speeding up, slowing down, inward, outward, up, down… exploring in fact this huge range of potential and possibilities in whatever emerges.

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A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites required.

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