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Elective, Waves
2 Feb 2024 - 4 Feb 2024
Location: MILANO, "TBD"
Milan, Lombardy, Italy Show map
Organizer: Marcella Panseri

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The material presented in this workshop will be helpful for anyone in any type of relationship; lovers, friendships, work colleagues, families and lone wolves yearning for dynamic loving connections.

Using stellar Dj’d music and dance, we will discover how to practice embodied awareness and compassion in the midst of interpersonal conflict and emotional challenges.

Benefits of this movement workshop: an open creative heart, potent partnerships, embodied listening skills, generative communication, developing trust, less drama, enhanced intimacy, and more unconditional love. 

In this conscious movement workshop, we will explore one of the most powerful energetic qualities of the human experience - LOVE! and how it moves through the body. We will break the cycle of feeling stuck, avoiding hurt and fearing deep love.     

It’s a natural human instinct to be in relationship. We are, after all, social animals! We have all been betrayed and disappointed and as a result we develop clever strategies and protective measures to avoid feeling our relationship scars. 

Let’s be honest - Love hurts!

Relationships are where we learn to love and where we learn to forgive. Facing the unresolved wounds of the heart and learning to effectively relate and communicate with other people is how we heal. Humans are painfully relational beings - in need of connection, reflection and affection.

Wishing to give and receive love is a yearning all humans share in common and a requirement for living a fulfilling life. What does an embodied person full of love look, act and feel like? What is their secret sauce?

If you have ever been in love and shared a profound connection with another, at some point, you‘ve been bruised and committed some of the bruising yourself. It’s inevitable. However, navigating life with a closed heart sucks! Protecting the wounded heart is more painful and energy depleting than feeling the hurt. Unacknowledged hurt distorts reality, ruins relationships and harms the planet. Together we are going to create a co-collaborative safe container to heal, express and release.

We will explore the five types of love: 

1) Obsessive Love 2) Romantic Love 3) Toxic Love 

4) Friendship Love and 5) Unconditional Love (Spiritual Love).  


 TIME: Friday 8.00 - 10.30 // Saturday & Sunday 10:30 - 18.00

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Elective workshops combine the 5Rhythms practice with other disciplines. These workshops hold true to the 5Rhythms Maps and weave in deep investigations that compliment the teachings. This workshop will count as an Elective on the 5Rhythms Dancing Path towards Teacher Training.

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