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29 Oct 2024 - 2 Nov 2024
Location: St Luke's Church, Hillmarton Road, N8 9QY
London, United Kingdom Show map
Organizer: Jason Rowe

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 “A warrior is self-oriented, not in a selfish way, but in the sense of a total, continuous examination of the self." - Castaneda

Mirrors is an initiation into the world beyond self-importance -- into the art of seeing. To enter the world of Mirrors is to take off our blinders and begin to see through the delusions and difficulties that trap us in unhappiness and destructiveness. We start to step back and get some insight into the predictable patterns that sabotage the grace and dignity of our truest and most soulful self.

In the 5Rhythm® practice, we are constantly moving into the most spontaneous, energetic, expansive qualities of our being. In the Mirrors level of the practice, we are given the tools to identify the relentless loop of our own favorite head-trips and the inevitable situations they create. We tear off masks, sheds skins, reinventing ourselves effortlessly, learning to witness our own drama, its roots and rituals. We enter the crowd of characters that dominate our stage whether servant or star, doormat or dreamer, realist or rebel, mystic or manipulator—all divas, and begin to watch them sabotage our funky, fiery, free-spirit. Sometimes we have to stop the world and wonder: which part of me is using my hands, my feet, my eyes, my ears, and most importantly my mouth today?

We all know what it feels like to get stuck, to lose our groove, to get trapped in our heads and cut off from our hearts Seeking the answer within awakens the witness and learning to witness our own melodrama is our saving grace.


As of 16th June 2024 a waiting list to register for this workshop has been opened.

Our venue is the beautiful parish church of St Luke’s, Hillmarton Road, London N7 9RE. Session times are 11.00am to 5.30pm each day.

This is a non residential workshop so you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation.

Please note that the prerequisites to join this advanced workshop are as follows:

‘Mirrors' - Waves 90 hrs / 15 days, Heartbeat 60 hrs / 10 days and at least one Cycles workshop. If you do not have these prereqs already please check workshop schedules on www.5rhythms.com to find options between now and this one. Any further concerns you may have please reach out to us.

The workshop counts as 5 days of Mirrors level, and is a core prerequisite, towards the 5Rhythms® teachers training path.

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The Mirrors Map leads us to recognize what Gabrielle Roth referred to as “Ego Characters”, how we all have a cast of these endlessly rehashed roles, can learn to spot them, name them, embody them, exaggerate them and practice dis-identifying from them so we might, even when under pressure, move more closely to authenticity, to Soul, to each other, to life and freedom.
PREREQUISITES: Waves, Heartbeat, Cycles and countless class hours of practice.

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