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NYC : Courageous Heart

Led by: Peter Fodera
27 Sep 2013 - 29 Sep 2013
Location: NYC / TBA
New York, New York, United States
Organizer: Elyce Turner

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Each of us has a place called home, and that place is our heart. Too often we feel disconnected or homeless and we loose our ability to express our feelings honestly and heart-fully. We long for deeper intimacy and connection, not only with others but also with our selves. Hearbeat is an opportunity to creatively tap into our instinctive and intuitive responses. By moving with our emotional bodies rather than denying, resisting or pushing them down, we physically experience our feelings rather then think them. Holding on is exhausting… letting go is full of possibilities. The 5 Rhythms is a map to how our emotional energy moves. By surrendering our bodies to the dance we release what is being held in our hearts, discover greater awareness and a find more courageous way to love.



In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.

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