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RECLAIM your body 5Rhythms ® workshop

21 Sep 2013
Location: London
London, United Kingdom
Organizer: Kat

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“Energy moves in Waves. Waves move in Patterns. Patterns move in Rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns , rhythms. Nothing more, nothing less. A dance.” Gabrielle Roth During the workshop you will be invited to use the 5Rhythms ® to explore the places that are already in movement and those that need to be moved, using your body as a container of the continuous energy flow. Our bodies love to move and must move. Movement is the way we define life – when our heart beat, our lungs pulse, brain waves, we are alive. In absence of movement we become inanimate. Movement is an energy. Energy is often overbound or underbound in the body, as a result of consistently using either contraction or collapse as defense strategy. Some parts of our flesh may carry more aliveness then others. 5Rhythms ® (Flowing Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical Stillness) is a simple map We can use to navigate our energy level, and reclaim our full aliveness in our bodies.


Number of participants limited to 16 Saturday 10am - 5pm


A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites required.

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