5Rhythms Workshop

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Song of the Body

Led by: Bettina Rothe
19 May 2017 - 21 May 2017
Location: Rotary Center for the Arts, 421 Cawston Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Show map
Organizer: Katie Brennan

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Yourbody is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of yourexistence.
It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story…”-- Gabrielle Roth

Thisis an invitation to slow down, allowing the mind to quiet and for thebody and heart to speak.

The5Rhythms® practice offers us maps toexplore our embodied Self. We learn tocultivate inner body awareness and pay attention to physicalsensations.

Inthis workshop we will tap into the language of rhythm, breath andsensation. The body does not lie. It keeps score of the myriad of ourlife experiences. Itis a library of our stories, our truths – nothing is forgotten inour tissues, muscles and bones. Our personal stories and the storiesof our ancestors are held in the soma.

Comeand join me in this journey of listening, discovering, shaping andreleasing. We are co-creating a space in which we can hear our ownbody songs and witness the beauty of each other's expression.

Noprevious experience is required. Every body is welcome. 


Registration Policy

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A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites required.

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