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Teacher Refresh 2024

Led by: Jonathan Horan
30 May 2024 - 3 Jun 2024
Location: Buffalo Gap Retreat Center, 229 Cool Creek Road
Capon Bridge, West Virginia, United States Show map
Organizer: Ann Kite

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The Sacred Space and Situations, Our Rhythm and Teaching

Sacred Space - 2024 5Rhythms Teacher Refresh

Join Jonathan Horan and Sylvie Minot for a 5-day teacher refresh May 30-June 3 at Buffalo Gap Retreat in West Virginia, USA. We will dance in an outdoor pavilion surrounded by mountains.


WhiteBoard for teachers to write "situations/topics" they'd like covered. Answer/discussion will be sprinkled throughout the refresh of these


Arrival - 1-6pm (1:30 first shuttle arrives, 5:30 second shuttle arrives)

6-7pm - Dinner

7:30-9:30 - Session - Beginnings (Jonathan)


8-9am - Breakfast

9:30-12:30 - Session (Jonathan)

1-2pm - Lunch

3:30-6:30 - Session (Sylvie) how to create your own private one-to-one session work

7:00-8:00 - Dinner

8:30 - Friday Night - Shamanic Wave wear black w/ Jonathan


9:30 - 12:30 Session (Jonathan)

1-2pm - Lunch

3:30-6:30 - Session (Sylvie) New ways of Creating and holding sacred space, What is a ritual?

7:00-8:00 - Dinner

8:30 - Saturday Night Ceremony - Ritual - (Sylvie)


9:30 - 12:30 Session (Jonathan)

1-2pm - Lunch

3:30-6:30 - Session (Sylvie)

7:00-8:00 - Dinner

8:30 - Sunday Night after Dinner in Cafe, 5RTA Volunteer Circles (Arthur/Jonny and Volunteer Team)


8-9am Breakfast

9:30-12:30 Endings (Jonathan and Sylvie) Q and A, closing ritual

1-2pm Lunch

2pm - first shuttle

6pm - second shuttle 

Sacred space is a safe space. When we make the space sacred, some of the resistance and other issues that dancers carry can dissolve. As the sacred space dissolves, it helps the mind melt and the essence comes forth instead of the personality. As teachers, it is our responsibility to offer a safe place so the dancers can trust and let go. From here we can create. When you hold something sacred it’s precious. Just like when you enter a dojo we bow, there’s this ritual, there’s an acknowledgement of a surrender into a journey.

We create sacred space in the warm-up, and when we begin to teach there is a sense the space is primed, allowing dancers to feel secure. When we honor the space, that’s when the magic happens.

The 5Rhythms are sacred. 

“Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art. The art of sacred living means being a holy actor, acting from the soul rather than the ego.” - Gabrielle Roth

“The ritual of your movement work is up to you.” - Gabrielle Roth

There’s a process that is happening. For us, when the community understands the rhythms, they can get to a place where they want the “do me” dance. Instead of actually participating, instead of growing and meeting themselves, there’s hesitation and resistance. Stuff comes up.

The ritual is an action that honors the sacred space. Sacred space is the energetic template that can hold the ritual. The ritual is what the action is and how the action is intended. The same action can be done with different intentions. Lighting a candle for light, lighting a candle in ritual.

One-To-One Private Sessions

We will hear from teachers offering private session work, discuss how to begin and grow a practice as a one-to-one 5Rhythms teacher. 

Join your teaching circle in practice, in a conversation of sacred space and ritual, in intention for a 5-day Refresh of the teacher’s spirit.

Installation: Bring a few things from the community where you teach. A ribbon to be woven into a circle, something from nature to offer to the installation (This will be webbed together). 

Bring a black outfit for the Friday night shamanic dive and a white outfit for the Saturday evening ceremony.

Flying In:

Fly into BWI (Shuttle pickup 2pm) or fly into Dulles- IAD (Shuttle pickup 4:15pmEST)

Fly out of Dulles (depart 5:00 pm or later) or out of BWU (depart 7pm or later)

Tuition $695 ($595 if before March 28)


Buffalo Gap Retreat is located in the foothills of the Potomac Highlands. The retreat center features a beautiful outdoor pavilion, expansive fields, mountain views, a lake for swimming and kayaking, a wood-fired sauna, hiking trails, a cafe offering delicious food, and other amenities.  

Address: 229 Cool Creek Road, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

Lodging + Meals

Lodging options and meal information will be available soon.

Liability Release

By registering for this workshop, I agree to and acknowledge the following.

I agree to release Ann Kite, Embodiment Group LLC, Jonathan Horan, 5Rhythms Global and Buffalo Gap Retreat from any and all liability related to personal injury or illness that may result from my attendance and participation.

I acknowledge that I am first and foremost responsible for my health and well being, and I agree to modify my participation in the workshop as needed to maintain my health and well being.

Ticket Transfers

Registration may be transferred to another person free of charge. Lodging may be transferred to another person of the same gender depending on compatibility with roommates. If you must cancel attendance, we encourage you to resell your tickets or give them to a friend. We cannot provide contact information for potential ticket buyers; it is the ticket holder’s responsibility to find someone to take their ticket.



Refund Policy



Refund requests for full payment will be granted, minus a $100 fee if received more than 60 days before the workshop.

Refund requests will be granted, minus a 50% fee if received between 59 days to 30 days prior to the workshop.

No refunds will be granted within 30 days of the workshop.

Lodging and Transportation:

Refund requests will be granted, minus a 50% fee if received more than 65 days prior to the workshop.

No lodging refunds will be granted within 64 days of the workshop.

Event Cancellation

In the event that we cancel this workshop for any reason: a full refund of the payment (registration and lodging) received from each participant will be made. The organizers will hold no financial responsibility for the participants’ travel expenses or lodging expenses incurred directly with Buffalo Gap Retreat or with a third party. Every attempt will be made to give as much prior warning of cancellation as possible.

To request a refund send email to info@annkite.com.

Registration Policy

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PREREQUISITES: By application only. Read more about becoming a 5Rhythms teacher here.

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