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The Heart of the Matter

Heartbeat, Waves
30 Jan 2020 - 1 Feb 2020
Location: The Arthur Murray Dance Studios , 24 Al-Kair Building (1st Flr), Abdul Raheem Al-Haj Mohamed Str. Sweifieh
Amman, Jordan Show map
Organizer: Randa Aburayyan

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 How does our body respond on our emotions?

How does our body-shape influence what we feel?

What happens if we let the body speak from the heart?

The heart is a very receptive and sensitive organ. The state of our heart has much impact on our bodies. At the same time influences the body-shape we take, the way we feel, and perceive things. This is a 2-way relationship. 

Emotions are energy. Energy moves through our body and shapes it like a river shapes the landscape.

In this workshop we’re following the river of energy that runs through our bodies. We get to know and express the river of feelings. We learn to read the messages of the heart through our bodies. We discover ways to intensify the energy so we “get” what we feel, and we discover ways to contain and slow down the intensity so we’re able to stay present.

The better we are in tune with our own emotional field, the stronger our intuition, the better we know what is important for us. This knowing helps us to focus and direct our energy. 

It connects us deeper to our own intuition. 

It connects us to the authentic and intuitive beings we are.


Workshop Cost and Dates::

Open Waves Evening 25 jods (pay at door)

• 7:00-9:00PM: Thursday (Jan 30)

Full workshop price:

Early Bird 140 jods (pay by Jan 12) regular 180 jods 

• 7:00pm-9:00pm: Thursday Jan 30 (Free)

• 11:00am-6:00pm: Friday Jan 31 

• 10:00am-5:00pm: Saturday Feb 1 

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In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.

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