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The Rhythm of Money

11 Jun 2016
Location: Martha Graham Studios, 55 Bethune Street
New York, New York, United States Show map
Organizer: Ingrid Adelsberger

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Our relationship to money shapes our beliefs, influences our energy and creates behaviors which affect who we are and what we manifest in the world. This relationship can expand or contract us, assist or limit us, free or bind us.

By paying attention to how we respond to the information in our body, we can gain tremendous insight into what we need to let out, let in, and let go of. In this weekend workshop we will create the possibility of increased awareness, ease, choice, freedom and fun. So that rather than restrict us, we can have a relationship with money that is spacious, fluid and inspired.

Using the 5Rhythms movement practice as our map, we will explore the rhythms of our relationship to money and how it influences and informs our body, our energy and our potential.

This workshop is open to any one and any body (any size, shape, fitness level, age). No previous movement, 5Rhythms or other, experience is needed. All that is required is a sense of curiosity, openness, and willingness to move.



Martha Graham Studios
55 Bethune Street (at Washington)
West Village, NYC

Tuition: $115

Saturday, June 11th 2.00-8.00pm


Elective workshops combine the 5Rhythms practice with other disciplines. These workshops hold true to the 5Rhythms Maps and weave in deep investigations that compliment the teachings. This workshop will count as an Elective on the 5Rhythms Dancing Path towards Teacher Training.

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