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Wheel of life - Dream

10 Dec 2022 - 11 Dec 2022
Location: Proeflokalen , Vispoortplein 16
Zutphen, Netherlands Show map
Organizer: willemijn de dreu

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5Rhythms and Systemic ritual

The dance of life is a cycle of seasons. A repetitive process itself.

Grow, flower, let go, rest. And again.

No lineal time, but circulating. A wheel. A life.

We dance through the year and attune to the rhythm of the sun. Often this rhythm is coincident with your life energy and therefore each of these seasonal shifts holds vitale information for your life journey.

Basic tools we work with are the 5Rhythms & Systemic Ritual.

Each weekend is independent from the others, you can join in any season.

We dance all the 5Rhythms, yet the theme’s come from a specifiek rhythm & time of the year.

Alive - Spring - East - 5/6 march

A dance as a sunrise. That fragile morning light where everything is still possible. New beginnings. We dance with curiosity, a hint of fear, resilience and unfolding.

Blossom - Summer - South - 18/19 june

The sun is on it highest, the day’s are long and in the wheel we stand in the middle of our lives, in full blossom. Passion, strength and connection are the words here.

And then naturally boundaries and anger will show up, asked to be danced.

Surrender - Autumn - West - 17/18 sept

The sun sets, harvest is in, the day is nearly gone. Time to soften your defenses, put down the armor. Relax, let go and enjoy the work that you’ve done.

There might be grief and relief and a drop of melancholy.

Dream - Winter - North - 10/11 dec

The night of the year. Stillness, pause, rest. A time of introspection and contemplation. Finding the shapes of forgiveness, gratitude, compassion. 




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In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.

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