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ONLINE, 5Rhythms, Weekly, Waves in Milton Keynes, DANCING IN THE WINDS OF CHANGE

Fridays 19:00 - 20:30 Next Class: 29 Jan 2021
Location: Online
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Show map
Organizer: Lucy Howgego

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  "In chaos we are rearranged,...chaos teaches us how to let go, how to move in the unknown." Gabrielle Roth

An invitation to pause….allow your fluidity (flowing) and focus (staccato) to fuse into chaos, let go and empty the mind.  Can you relinquish control, stay grounded, respond to the moment and not lose yourself in or identify with CHAOS ?  Where do you find freedom inside yourself when surrounded by the chaos of lockdown and the pandemic ?  Do you see CHAOS as a source of creativity and allow disorder, fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances, unpredictability and letting go of control to create space for discovery, innovation and invention ?  An invitation to dance with these aspects of CHAOS and more; grounding and releasing the spine and head. 

Part of a 6 week embodiment series exploring each of the 5Rhythms in depth. It will be beneficial to attend all sessions but it is not necessary. However you will be drawn to some rhythms more than others and it may be insightful to notice if tension or resistance to one or more rhythms appears…accept it…and bring it with you.

8 January – FEET FIRST – fluidity, following, grounding and receiving (flowing)
15 January – THE MOOD IN YOUR HIPS – extending and meeting from your center with clarity and direction (staccato)
22 January – THE SPINE IS THE LIFELINE - the gateway to the intuitive mind and creativity (chaos)
29 January – EXTENDING YOUR ARM DOESN'T STOP AT THE END OF YOUR FINGERS - let go of being the mover and allow yourself to be moved (lyrical)
5 February – BREATHING IS YOUR ANCHOR – embracing the mystery that is you (stillness)
12 February - ‘Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries’. Carl Jung (wholeness)

By giving the body permission & space to move freely with your desire through each of the 5Rthythms, using the intuition and spontaneity held in your feet, knees, hips, spine & shoulders, elbows, arms & hands, neck & head and breath as resources you can ignite, give shape to and inspire your dance.

There are no steps to follow and everyone is welcome as they are, YOU ARE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. You will be guided by the music which follows a structure of changing rhythm and supported by my teaching and spaceholding to connect, listen to and allow your body to move freely, in its unique rhythm at its own pace. All you need is a willingness to move and bring your presence and dance as everyone contributes their unique energy and expression to the group. The weekly themes are invitations for dancers who wish to explore different perspectives of their movement and my teaching style is permissive and open so you do not have to focus on the theme to participate in a class. I curate the music live to guide and complement the theme and also support any other intentions that dancers may have.

Online gives you the freedom to join other dancers from your home, patio, garden, local park, favourite spot or wherever you feel relaxed with no travelling, low cost and wearing whatever you feel comfortable in.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor. Warmest Lucy

• I create a new theme each week for dancers who wish to explore different perspectives of the 5Rhythms. I curate the music live to guide and complement this and also support any other intentions that dancers may have.
• I have no restrictions on the music I play as I hold a valid PRS Online Music Licence.

• My sound output is studio quality as I DJ live through Traktor. You will hear the music and my teaching through your audio or sound system. The quality of your sound will depend on what system you are using. Speakers are best, but you can use headphones or earpods which will give you a better audio than a laptop, ipad or phone.

• During this indefinite ‘PAUSE’ where socialising is restricted by ‘physical distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’, we can maintain balanced health and wellbeing by exploring new ways of connecting online and expressing ourselves through movement so that we do not get stuck in isolation, withdrawal, contraction, depression and cut ourselves-off from others and the bigger picture.
• The zoom platform transmits from my home to yours. You can create a comfortable, safe space inside or in the garden to dance by yourself or as a family together with the rest of the group so, if you have been considering dancing the 5R’s and felt too shy or self-conscious, this might be a safe place to start. For most of us, dancing online offers a new ways of connecting and socialising within the constraints of ‘physical distancing’ as we move, explore our edges, release, heal, have fun and play together.
• I have personally found dancing in online 5Rhythms classes to be a powerful, connecting experience where I can be totally authentic, let go and let my body move however it wants to and be with friends and like-minded people.
• From a teaching perspective it is a really powerful experience for me. I feel connected to everyone and profoundly moved by their dances and how this platform dissolves borders and creates new threads of connection and expression. I witness strong bonds and connection during the classes and participants dance on their own and with each other, giving and receiving, it is beautiful.


• If you are INTERESTED or have any QUESTIONS, email me at lucy@embodyyourbeat.com and I can send you more information.
• Register in advance for this meeting in YOUR NAME on ZOOM ONLY https://us02web.zoom.us/.../upYuc...
• Pay in advance via paypal - paypal.me/5RhythmsLucyHowgego
or FTP (email me for details) - £5 per class or £20/calendar month for unlimited classes per person/family/household.
• Once you have registered & paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link & password for the class as well as all the technical and practical information you will need.
• You will need access to the internet by pc, laptop, ipad or phone


• 6.30pm warm-up music starts and doors open
• 7.00pm class starts & registration closes
• 7.10pm doors close
• 8.30pm music ends & we will briefly gather together to close


• Please make sure that your floor is clear with no trip hazards. I cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained as a result of participating in this class.
• Everyone commits to confidentiality so that what is shared in the group stays within the group
• Everyone commits not to record the session or post any footage on social media
• I will ask the group to commit to this before we start


Chose a comfortable, safe space inside or in the garden to dance by yourself or as a family together with the rest of the group. Make sure there are no trip hazards. You may want to light a candle or create a small installation of objects that have meaning for you to acknowledge this time that you are taking for yourself. I create an installation for each class to hold my intention and service to the group.


• You log into the class using the link you will be sent and arrive in a waiting room and I will open the door letting you into the virtual space.
• When you arrive make sure you are using GALLERY VIEW (does not work on phones) so you can see everyone as each participant appears in a small window. Make sure your name is correct, you can change this by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right of your window.
• Please leave your video on so everyone in the group can see and dance with each other if they want to which creates connection & holds the group energy. If you do not want to see yourself you can put a post-it pad over your picture. If you do not want to be seen by others and this is going to prevent you from moving as you are in the moment you can turn your video off and I would like to invite you to use this time as an opportunity to dance with the part of you that does not want to be seen if you are able to. If you need any support around this get in touch with me before the class.
• Your audio will be muted when you arrive and during the class to avoid noise distortion. There will be opportunities to speak at the beginning and the end of the class if you want and I will turn the audios on for this. At any other time you can use the CHAT feature which is the bottom toolbar and if you click on the 3 dots in someone’s window you can send them a private message.
‘If you don't dance your dance, who will? ‘Gabrielle Roth
If you message me your email I can send you my weekly newsletter with information on my classes and workshops. I look forward to dancing with you. warmest Lucy


• Facebook : 5RhythmswithLucyHowgegoinMiltonKeynes
• Instagram : 5RthythmswithlucyhowgegoinMK
This class is offered as part of the requirements for completing the 5Rhythms Teacher training Program. Lucy is currently participating in the training path the become a certified 5Rhythms teacher. This class supports the trainee’s growth and development as a 5Rhythms teacher.

Lucy Howgego is currently participating in the training path to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher.


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I am currently participating in the training path to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher.

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