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"“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau"
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Adam Eisen

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher

I have always loved dancing, in one form or another. Growing up in inner city Philadelphia, surrounded by Soul, R&B and Funk, I have always felt the beat and have always been moved by the music.

I was introduced to the 5 Rhythms at a time of great change in my personal life and they quickly became my practice, my center and my home - helping me more deeply connect with my body, my emotions, my relationships and my existence. Healing and revealing, the Rhythms have blessed me with passages into clarity, when all has been stripped away and truths have shown themselves - watershed moments that have helped me integrate and accept what I could not clearly see before.

At its core, I dance because there is something inside me that needs to move - my energy and my life force - and in this sense I am always dancing, when I'm walking, when I'm moving...when I'm writing this. When I feel my hands and arms moving, I know the energy is much deeper, that it originates elsewhere, separate from the flesh and bones that form my arm or hand.  What moves inside me will move even if I would lose my arm or hand. It is energy, pure energy - and feeling it, riding it and sharing it is the essence of being alive.

Maps: Waves
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Dancing since: 2013
Languages: English, Swedish

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