Waves Circle Accredited Teachers

“Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that—energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.”


Verena Holscher Switzerland
Rimke Pepers Netherlands
Ruke Wyler Switzerland
Adi Argov Israel
Andrea Adamczyk United States
Alessandro Moruzzi United States
Francis Michael Eliot United Kingdom
Martina Motl Slovenia
Emma Leech United Kingdom
Margaret Rignell United Kingdom
Peter Fodera United States
Heike Fuhsy Germany
Meaghan Williams United States
Kate Shela United States
David Juriansz Australia
Masayo Benoist United States
Jacia Kornwise United States
Jo Bainbridge Cobbett United States
Clare Backwell United Kingdom
Meredith Davies Australia
Lina Nahhas United Arab Emirates
Alex Rodriguez New Zealand
Julia Wolfermann Switzerland
Eva Sieber Germany
Andreas Troendle Switzerland
Detchema Sonter Australia
Wolfgang Ortner Switzerland
Belle Power Australia
Jonathan Horan United States
Richard Jerram United States
Natalie Poole Australia
Romana Soldo Croatia
Chloe Goodwin United States
Naomi Lishman Australia
Aaron Lifshin United States
Bella Dreizler United States
Adam Barley United Kingdom
Shoshana Diamond United States
Marc Lendfers Netherlands
Jean Rankin United Kingdom
Willemijn de Dreu Netherlands
Tammy Burstein United States
Anne Geerts Belgium
Damjan Makovec Slovenia
Jilsarah Moscowitz United States
Geash Bowler Australia
Lana Gorup Croatia
Berit Hague Sweden
Kelly Satz Argentina
Lynne Adams Canada
Dean Kayum United Kingdom
Chris Boylan United Kingdom
Zdenka Sajko Croatia
Ane Friis Denmark
Ellen Watson United States
Anne Schmitt Germany
Jup Jansonius Netherlands
Mirjam Van Hasselt Netherlands
Arjan Bouw Netherlands
Martha Peabody Walker United States
Alex Mackay United Kingdom
Bradley Starkey United Kingdom
Kierra Foster-Ba United States
Dorine Hoog Netherlands
Tineke de Wit Netherlands
Christian de Sousa United Kingdom
Jan Redsted Denmark
Amber Ryan United States
Rene Schaap Germany
Tanya Goldman United States
Samantha Lane United States
Anat Tamir Israel
Barbara Marlowe United States
Sudevi Sundari Hong Kong
Jason Goodman United States
Daniela Pall Austria
Monika Ortner Switzerland
Woochae Cho South Korea
Jenny Fahy Ireland
Emily Day United States
Andrew Holmes United Kingdom
Daniela Peltekova United States
Sylvie Minot United States
Peter Fejer Hungary
Ariel Karass United States
Heeraa Sazevich United States
Rebekah Zhuraw United States
Tom Schulz Germany
Michelle Mahrer Australia
Katarzyna Kat Pugowska United Kingdom
Davida Taurek United States
Scotty Lewis United States
Pauline van Hezik Netherlands
Karen Ritscher United States
Lisa DeLand United States
Sayrah Garrison United States
Sarah Pitchford United Kingdom
Visudha de los Santos United States
Christa Zaugg Switzerland
Chris Connors United States
Ray Diaz United States
Ladina Mitchell Switzerland
Angela Griffiths United Kingdom
Carol Capolungo United States
John Porter United Kingdom
Vehllia Tranne United States
Mati Vargas-Gibson United States
Dagmar Cee Germany
Susanna Dobos Switzerland
Ann Kite United States
Daniela Plattner United States
Hannah Loewenthal South Africa
Kat Worth Australia
Kay Chambers United Kingdom
Juliette Kunin United States
Clay Henley United States
Sara Mains United States
Karen Rose Ramsay United Kingdom
Jeffrey Boynton United States
Mark Bonder United States
Sue Ann Stabley United States
Jayne Peterson United States
Karen Chapman United States
Atmo Lars Lindvall Switzerland
Michelle Lampis Australia
Nikki Ashley United Kingdom
Sietske Venema Netherlands
Alain Allard United Kingdom
Emmanuelle Rolland United States
Irene Husung Germany
Jason Rowe United Kingdom
Laura Martin-Eagle United States
Neil Pinnock United Kingdom
Alan Withers United Kingdom
Ron Hagendoorn Netherlands
Ajay Rajani United Kingdom
Christine Tasseff United States
Mackenzie Amara United States
Bea Huesler Switzerland
Caroline Kohles United States
Chris Camp Belgium
Gabrielle Roth United States
Lucine Eusani Australia
Zsuzsanna Kiss Netherlands
Douglas Drummond United States
Omar Ait France
Eva Brunner Austria
Margaret Wagner United States
Chelsea Kaplan United States
Tom Truman United States
Ewelina Jendrzejczak United Kingdom
Lucia Horan United States
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