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"I believe deeply in the power of the love that flows from your heart in conjunction with the passion and purpose of your soul as an infinite source of healing for your spirit and the spirit of the world"
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Alejandra Rico

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

From a very young age I have been accompanied by the curiosity to discover and learn with my body as my ally and my soul as my guide.

In this path of exploration as a Professional Ontological Body Coach, deepening in the body and emotional learning, discovering how the body unveils the learning of our Being as the "translator of the stories that underlie each of the cells that constitute us and the catalyst to transform suffering into a possibility to unlearn and learn"

In 2010, hand in hand with Gabrielle Roth´s book, I dared to enter an unknown territory called dance floor guided by a beautiful North American 5R Teacher, it was one of the most special encounters of my life: The 5Rhythms® Since that moment I realized that dancing is essential for my soul.

5Rhythms® have become my Road Map allowing me to challenge beliefs that limit me, letting go of old patterns of my existence, recognizing the path through my rooted feet, guided by my intuition to trust and transcend towards new possibilities to inhabit the world in communion with the authenticity of my soul.

Holding the space since 2018, the dance floor has become the metaphor of life, everything that moves there is the reflection of life itself. Now, being part of the TTP, I continue to be committed to serve and contribute to the healing of the Human Being.

Let's dance together opening the space to live dancing and dancing to live the wave of life as our Mother Earth teaches us: Coexisting!

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Dancing since: 2010
Languages: Spanish, English

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8 Aug 2024
Bogota, Colombia
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