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"The tribes are a-gathering speaking in drumbeat dancing with ghosts sweating prayers naming the visions -Antonia Allawatt "
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Elise-Anne Vallieres

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
Gratitude to each one of the five fondamental rhythms that guides us step by step, from dance to dance, into the human path of life. Mine is a dancing path. Why do I dance ? The answer lies in what I discover by dancing with you, my beloved friends, partners, students and teachers. I dance to occupy with reverence this unique piece of land under my feet.  I dance to reclaim my territory, my sanctuary as I say "thank you mother for my body". And I dance again to remember the power within me... to de-light his fire. I dance to say "thank you father for the gift of my pulsing-vibrant-heart''.  Again I keep dancing as I let the storm wash over my mind.  And I dance to be liquified, to unify all that is apparently separated within.  And... I dance to be danced !   I dance to honour my given life, sacred, to celebrate my soul, naked. And I dance to open up to my Spirit ; to listen to that eternal undivided wisdom that guides my speech. Finally, I simply dance to see you in me ; to embody the compassionate humanity we're born to be.  Toute ma gratitude à chacun des 5 rythmes fondamentaux qui nous guide pas à pas, de danse en danse sur ce chemin d'humanité.  Mon chemin à moi est dansant, il est de chaire et d'os s'actualisant.  Il s'ouvre au fil de mes découvertes avec vous, mes cher.es  ami.es, étudiant.es, collègues, danseur.euses et enseignant.es.  Oui !  Car c'est en dansant avec vous et parmi vous, que je m'éveille et que j'occupe en toute révérence ce magnifique morceau de terre sous mes pieds.
Maps: Waves
Location: Val-David, Quebec, Canada
Dancing since: 1980 Teaching since: 2014
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

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Val-David, Quebec, Canada
Val-David, Quebec, Canada


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