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"Dance like everybody's watching. Dance like your children are watching, your ancestors, your family. Dance for those who're hurting,those who can't dance,those who lost loved ones,those who suffer injustices throughout the world. Express your TRUTH."
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Emma Llaneza

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher

Emma Llaneza was born in Asturias, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and grew up part f her adolescence betwee Denmark and Germany.

Emma first appeared before the 5Rhythms® looking for a new way of self-expression and meditation after a 22-year academic experience in Dance.
During this stage she was also trained in psychophysycal and transcendental techniques and tools, some more traditional such as Raja Yoga or recent ones such as Mindfulness.

Combining her passion for travel, dance and spirituality, she joined the business world 15 years ago where she currently develops the role of coach in processes, embracing the human dimension of projects in all areas.

During the last years she evolved from a Dancer and Assistant Director to a Teacher of 5Rhythms®, Agile Coach and Mother.
Recently, Emma is being trained to teach 5Rhythms® by Gabrielle's son, Jonathan Horan, current director of 5Rhythms®.
Emma offers in her teachings her experience of 7 years of working with 5Rhythms®, as a language of artistic expression and spiritual alchemy, venturing from a humble alignment with the vision of Gabrielle Roth:

To spread the healing power of art and the art of healing as many bodies and souls as possible.

Maps: Waves
Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Dancing since: 2013
Languages: Spanish, German, English, Catalan

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