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"The deeper we go into, and be with the mystery, the more mysterious life becomes, and in that, life becomes both more meaningful and enchanting. Through moving ritual, oneness arises, and we discover a depth of presence lacking in ordinary moments."
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona Teacher Community
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In Memory of Visudha de los Santos

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
I've always been interested in the body, movement, and sound with the intersection of the spiritual and sacred. My understandings have come a longs way - from a curious and questioning childhood that presented a god far away and unavailable, to my current life rich in shammanic and spiritual practices that put me in contact with spirit, god, universe - whatever you want to call this force - in every moment of my choosing. Life is sacred - a very simple and easy thing to believe. Every person who has held new life knows this basic truth, and yet, collectively we find it hard to LIVE life as sacred. Every dance, every class, session, workshop it is my intent to help us remember the sacrality of life by guiding us towards the experience of the divine. I hold your life as sacred, and offer every dance in service and in gratitude. It is my deepest blessing to guide others home to their hearts and essential self.
Maps: Waves
Location: Taos, New Mexico, United States
Dancing since: 1995 Teaching since: 2007
Languages: English

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