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""Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." Martha Graham"
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Michela Modolo

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher

From the age of 3, I have been speaking the language of the body. The sports field and later on, the dance floor became my refuge, my passion, my discipline and my place to connect with others.

Life events then took over and dancing became only a memory. Longed-for motherhood was a blessing that came with struggles. My girls have definitely been my awakening life masters. The tools I had from my energy healing and art therapies worked in a limited way. Helping them to grow into their uniqueness, I often found myself with “my back against the wall” trying to push through.

Discovering 5 Rhythms practice in 2011 and diligently meditating through movement since, I have been able to see inside myself and to identify what was dictating my outer reality. I could see my shadows and my light and could finally open up to a new world of unexplored territories.  One of my greatest discoveries has been the wholeness of my creative self; dancing the rhythms allowed me to find a place where imagination is free to roam and where I learnt to deal with the unknown.

Through the practice I have understood how the power of movement can transform, just like fire transmutes everything in its’ path.

On the dance floor I bring energy, passion and I treasurethe unique connections I experience with my fellow dancers.

As a teacher, I intend to humbly create a space where dancers can safely allow openness, mystery and imagination to blossom so they can be their authentic selves in their daily lives.

Maps: Waves
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dancing since: 2011
Languages: English, Italian

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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