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"The peace that cannot be created, the joy that cannot be made, the love that cannot be earned, the wisdom that cannot be acquired: this is the Truth. It has never left you. Gangaji"
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Paulina Lasek

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I’ve been dancing since I can remember. First, in a room behind closed doors to relieve the child's suffering, since 2020 dancing 5Rhythms and loving it with all my heart. 5Rhythms is my practice, my home, my love. A practice in which strength, wisdom and knowledge I sincerely believe. Actually, not only do I believe, but I also experienced its magic and its effects on myself. That is why I would like to dedicate my life to sharing this practice with others.

For me, music and dance are two powerful forces that have had a huge impact on my life. Both of these elements saved me in some way. When as a child I was in great hardship and pain - I danced until I was out of breath or I listened to music that took me to a place I couldn't name. That's why I know that this can be a salvation for people. And even if not immediately a rescue, but only a small step to a greater embodiment, being in contact with what is - for me it already means a huge success.

In my „earlier life", before 5Rhythms came into my life, I have been educated in Communication Design, I worked in Public Relations, media, advertising and marketing.

So here I am. With great curiosity and passion, I am entering this path and I will welcome you on the dance floor. I am happy to share my passion for dance, music and meditation maybe with you! Let's be open and see what happens - this is where the real dance begins.

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Dancing since: 2020
Languages: Polish, English

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Opole, Poland
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